ASD01 Stream discharge for Kings Creek measured at USGS gaging station


The 1060 hectacre Kings Creek watershed (STATION NUMBER 06879650) is a U.S. Geological survey hydrologic benchmark. (cf. Cobb, e.D. and J.E. Beisecker. 1971. USGS circular 460-d) flow is measured continuously with a bubble gage. The period of record started in March, 1979. The hydrologic regime is driven by the mid-continent climate characterized by summer thunderstorms and drought. The stream, at the gaging station, is fourth order in gallery forest. The riparian vegetation in the headwaters (1st & 2nd order) is tallgrass, or true, prairie. Flow occurred in spring and early summer in all years. Late summer, fall and winter records also include periods of no flow, the longest of these was ca. nine months. The time from base flow to peak flow for typical storm flow hydrographs is an hour or so and amplitude of ca. three meters above base flow has been recorded (Data comes from USGS office in Lawrence, Kansas; Contact person:Butch Lawcock, (913) 842-9709).

Organization: U.S. Geological Survey

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