WRV01 Riparian woody removal vegetation survey on watershed N2B at Konza Prairie


Woody vegetation within 30m of the stream channel was removed along the riparian corridor of watershed N2B in winter 2010. Thereafter, woody vegetation was recut every second or third year until 2020. Vegetation surveys were conducted before and after the initial removal (2010 and 2011) and again 10 years after the initial cutting (2020).

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There were twelve plots (number 1-12) located within the riparian zone. In each plot were 4 transects (numbered 1-4), and along each of which there were 4 1x1m subplots (indicated by the distance along the transect) which were sampled.

Four of the twelve plots initially contained little to no woody vegetation and were sampled as a benchmark or "control". The remaining eight plots had woody vegetation removed, but four of those also were seeded with herbaceous plant species collected in nearby "open" or "prairie" habitat.

Sampling occured in each of the 192 subplots. Seven cover classes were used to estimate species canopy coverage. 1 - 0-1% cover; 2 - 2-5% cover; 3 - 5-25% cover; 4 - 25-50% cover; 5 - 50-75%; 6 - 75-95% cover; 7 - 95-100% cover.

For additional metadata information see: http://lter.konza.ksu.edu/sites/default/files/DC.pdf
For additional methods information see: http://lter.konza.ksu.edu/sites/default/files/MM.pdf

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