Development of research data management system: factors to consider

TitleDevelopment of research data management system: factors to consider
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1986
AuthorsGurtz, ME
EditorMichener, WK
Book TitleResearch Data Management in the Ecological Science
Pagination23 -38
PublisherUniversity of South Carolina Press, Belle Baruch Marine Library No. 16
CityColumbia, SC
Accession NumberKNZ00113

Ecological research sites share some common goals with respect to research data management (RDM). Minimum requirements, regardless of the size of the database or other site-organization and documentation of data sets, and development of procedures for data entry, quality assurance, archival, maintenance, and administration. The RDM budget must balance expenses among personnel, hardware and software, storage, and data exchange. Characteristics of the research program that influence these choices include the purpose of the data collection, the form of the data, size, and complexity of the database, type of analyses planned, dynamics of the database, number and expertise of investigators, and the need for network capabilities. Experiences in RDM at Konza Prairie support the idea that the data manager plays a key role and should be trained in the field of research. The RDM system should be institutionalized so that it can continue after the original staff is gone