Trophic state, eutrophication, and nutrient criteria in streams

TitleTrophic state, eutrophication, and nutrient criteria in streams
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsDodds, WK
JournalTrends in Ecology and Evolution
Pagination669 -676
Accession NumberKNZ001134

Trophic state is the property of energy availability to the food web and defines the foundation of community integrity and ecosystem function. Describing trophic state in streams requires a stoichiometric (nutrient ratio) approach because carbon input rates are linked to nitrogen and phosphorus supply rates. Light determines the source of carbon. Cross system analyses, small experiments and ecosystem level manipulations have recently advanced knowledge about these linkages, but not to the point of building complex predictive models that predict all effects of nutrient pollution. Species diversity could indicate the natural distribution of stream trophic status over evolutionary time scales. Delineation of factors that control trophic state and relationships with biological community properties allows determination of goals for management of stream biotic integrity.