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RecYearDate/timeYear of record
RecMonthDate/timeMonth of record
RecDayDate/timeDay of record
WatershedNominalWatershed of treatment
PNPhysical quantityPlot Number
SuprplotNominalSuper plot number (Block number)
BurnNominalBurned or unburned
MowNominalMowed or unMowed
NutrientPhysical quantityNutrient in Block_ppb
DepthPhysical quantityDepth_cm
NitratePhysical quantityNitrate in the plot_ppb
AmmoniaPhysical quantityAmmonia in Block
PhsphrosPhysical quantityPhsphros in Block
TotalNPhysical quantityTotal Nin Block
PHPhysical quantityPH
OrgncmatPhysical quantityOrgncmat in Block
KPhysical quantityK in Block
ZNPhysical quantityZN in Block
FEPhysical quantityFE in Block
LINEPhysical quantityLINE in Block
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