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RecYearRecYearPhysical quantityYear of record
SequenceNominalSequence (I-IV)
PlotPhysical quantityThe plot from which the biomass was collected (1-4).
SubplotNominalThe subplot (within each plot) that species composition was collected (A.B.C.D).
AgePhysical quantityThe number of years since restoration (year 1=first growing season, 1-5).
TRTNominalIndicates subplots that have deer exclosures, Ex = samples collected with exclosures, and N = samples collected outside of exclosures.
Ab_genusNominalAbbreviation of genus
Ab_speciesNominalAbbreviation of species
CoverClassCode listCover class of species composition. There are 7 classes from 1 to 7.
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