PPH01 Phenology of selected plant species at Konza Prairie


Twenty-nine selected species of grasses, forbs, and woody vegetation characteristic of a variety of habitats on Konza Prairie are used for phenological measurements. These species are observed weekly for the entire growing season and changes in their phenological states are recorded. The following phenological states are used for this survey: (1) initiation of growth, (2) first anthesis, (3) duration of anthesis, (4) fruits mature, (5) leaves more than 90% dry.

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To determine annual temporal patterns of growth and reproductive stages of 29 selected species of grasses, forbs, and woody plants characteristic of a variety of habitats.


Species and Locations: Species selected were 1) dominant, 2) representative of all parts of the growing season, 3) representative of various life form and classification groups (such as C3 and C4 plants, grasses, forbs, and woody species), or 4) likely to have potential for indicator uses.

Frequency of Sampling: Approximately weekly during the growing season, typically early April to late November. Observations begin in mid-June in 1981 and ended on October 31, 1988.

Variable Measured: Dates of the following stages were recorded: Initiation growth, Duration of flowering (anthesis). Fruit mature (fully developed and ripe), Leaves more than 90% dry.

Methods: The phenological condition of the species was grouped into three categories: 0-5%, 5-20%, and greater than 20%.

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