CBS02 Nests of Grasshopper Sparrows on Konza Prairie


This data set contains data describing Grasshopper Sparrow nests prior to 2017, and after that, additionally many Dickcissels, Eastern Meadowlarks, and other songbirds.. These nests were primarily found by rope dragging but also on surveys (see RI Survey Data Set), flushing birds during other activities, and via behavioral observations. We described nest contents and monitored nest fate via visits every 2-3 day and by placing an iButton placed in the center of the nest flush with the bottom of the nest cup and comparing temperature traces to a second iButton placed outside of the nest to determine the timing of nest failure and other metrics of incubation/brooding behavior. We compiled counts of partial egg loss, partial brood loss, and estimated causes of nest failure, comparing the timing of these events with KNZ-collected meteorological data to determine the temporal association between rainstorms and nest abandonment. Missing values in character fields denoted by NA, and in numeric fields -999.

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Variable Measured: Location, date found, egg measurements, bird sex, stage of nest, inferred fate of nest.

Codes Used:
GRSP    Grasshopper Sparrow (Ammodramus savannarum)
BHCO    Brown-Headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater)
NOAA    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Color Band Color Abbreviations:
A    Gray
B    (Light) Blue
D    Dark (Blue)
G    Green
K    Black
O    Orange
P    Pink
R    Red
S    Silver
W    White
Y    Yellow
AB    W. Alice Boyle
ADT    Alaina Thomas
AJH    Alex Henry
AMC    Amanda Charpinel
BJR    Breyana Ramsey
BV    Bram Verheijen
CES    Chelsea Sink
CRW    Caitie Weichmann
DDH    Destiney Hett
DJS    Dylan Smith
EJH    Emily Hudson
EJW    Emily Williams
HN    Hunter Nedland
JMG    Jackie Gehrt
KRW    Kyle Wait
LTA    Lauren Angermeyer
MLG    Michaela Gustafson
SKW    Sarah Winnicki
SVR    Suzy Replogle Curnutt
Method Found:
BO    Behavioral Observation
RW    Random Walking
RD    Rope Dragging
OT    Other
UN    Unknown

Stage Found:
BU    Building
LAY    Laying
IB    Incubating
NG    Nestlings
FL    Fledged/Fledglings
Inferred Fate:
SU    Fledged =1 GRSP
SC    Fledged =1 GRSP and =1BHCO
CO    Fledged only BHCO or abandoned due to cowbird parasitism
PR    Nest contents eaten
AB    Abandoned for no apparent reason
TR    Trampled by livestock
WE    Nest flooded, nestlings died of exposure
HU    Suspected human-caused abandonment or destruction

For additional metadata information see: http://lter.konza.ksu.edu/sites/default/files/DC.pdf

For additional methods information see: http://lter.konza.ksu.edu/sites/default/files/MM.pdf

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